Professional Video of Pro Extreme Skiiers and Snowboarders in Powder

Beautiful professional done extreme skiing video of some pro extreme skiing enjoying the crazy deep powder in the backcountry off a mountain peak. They ski down, while seemingly defying physics, ridges that look vertical! They powder is heavenly and is completely untouched. To reach this kind of powder, the extreme skiers had to go up ski this remote backcountry mountain using a helicopter.

The professional extreme skiers jump off series of huge cliffs making it look like a piece of cake. This ski video also has some amazing shots of the skiers shot from the helicopter. There is even a scene of the helicopter while it’s filming the heliskiers.

Also, one of the most famous and circulated photos of extreme skiing as he skis down a vertical wall of snow in m this ski movie’s opening scene. Check it out!

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Eye Trip Ski Movie Trailer by Level 1 Productions

A huge lineup of pro extreme skiers are featured in this ski video. The list includes, but is not limited to:

Ahmet Dadali, Tom Wallisch, Wiley Miller, Tanner Rainville, Phil Casabon, Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Josh Bibby, Parker White, Chris Logan, Mike Hornbeck, Corey Vanular, JF Houle, Henrik Harlaut, Liam Downey, Will Wesson, Jon Brogan, Logan Imlach.

The huge cast travels trough the world skiing some of the best backcountry ski destinations and getting some amazing powder days. They show up doing inversions over gaps, jump ramps that are 10m high, and using the handrails of stairs to grind. This backcountry ski video is also filmed in 720p HD High Definition, watch the video in full screen and marvel at the amazing ski scenery.

Some of the destinations traveled to in this ski video are Champéry Switzerland, Whistler Canada, Alpin Meadows USA, and many others.

You can buy the full DVD from amazon by following this link:

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Tow Skiing Behind a Car in New York City

Crazy Nor’easter storm during the Christmas Holiday in Eastern USA with feet of snow coming down, closing airports and causing general chaos. In New York City, people are snowed in and life slows down. But not for this extreme skier who decides to start skiing down the streets of downtown New York City.

This crazy skier decided to ski down Park Avenue in Manhattan by being towed behind a car and video tapping it! Looks like fun and a great way to enjoy the piles of snow that fell in the past few days. It doesn’t look very safe however, lots of obstacles to run into and the tow skier almost lost balance while skiing on the Park Avenue.

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“The Ridge” Backcountry at Bridger Bowl

POV Helmet Cam Skiing at Bridger Bowl, a great family holiday ski resort in Montana. The ski area is well known in the world of extrene skiing because of the expert backcountry skiing area called “The Ridge”. The Ridge backcountry skiing area has 6 sections and requires that the backcountry skier carries avalanche equipment and is trained in its use. The quality and quantity of the powder snow here is world famous!

The skier in this ski videos has a camera mounted to his helmet and goes down some of the great backcountry terrain in The Riddge area at Bridger Bowl. The slopes are steap here and have lots of natural obstacles, with plenty of trees and rocks hidden by the snow. There is however lots and lots of powder as this video shows. It looks real fun and the snow looks almost untouched. A long hike is required to reach this ares and seems well worth it.

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Three Backcountry Skiers get Caught in a Huge Avalanche

The ski video starts with 3 friends all pumped up about going on a backcountry heliskiing trip. The helicopter drops the skiers at the top of a remote backcountry skiing mountain and then starts filming their decent. Just a few seconds after the three skiers start their descent, the snow around them starts breaking and a massive avalanche starts. The narrator says the avalanche is going over 250 km/h per hour and looks very serious. There are lots of dangerous looking cliffs and rocks down the very long avalanche tract too!

The helicopter filming the skiers gives an amazing view of what happens during an avalanche. Amazingly, all three of the extreme skiers survived the avalanche and one gives an interview at the end of this ski video.

All the backcountry skiers here should remember! When skiing in avalanche prone backcountry skiing terrain, always go down one at a time, never ride all at one! That’s the most important rule!

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Crazy and Funny Backcountry Skiing Crashes

An amazing video compilation showing some of the most spectacular backcountry skiing crashes ever captured on video. They risk their bodies on some crazy hard alpine terrain here including super steeps and areas full of cliffs.

Here, we see some extreme backcountry skiers doing their thing and failing miserably. They look like puppets after they fall. The worst fall I think is the snowboarder who loses it between some crazy cliffs and falls down what must be 200m of vertical. He falls off multiple cliffs, hits tons of rocks, yet he gets up at the end and raises his hands. Another skier ends up doing one and a half back flips of a cliff! His landing looks really, really painful! Ouch!

Some other falls include skiers getting caught in avalanches, doing some crazy tricks off cliffs and messing up, and just pure bad luck. Lots of face plants and lots of snow eaten!

I couldn’t help by laugh at some of these skiers fall. Some of the skier’s falls are hilarious!

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Skiing in Early Season Powder in St. Anton, Austria

Beautiful Powder Day with a blue bird sky in the Austrian Alps, in the state of Tyrol. Filmed at the beginning of December 2008, at the very start of the ski season, the skiers lucked out and have some amazing pow pow to ski in. The Arlberg moutains offer some amazing views and beautiful terrain. The terrain there, as in all of Austria, isn’t the most difficult, but still a good time for all. The scenery makes up for it though.

This backcountry ski video is filmed on the Arlberg Mountain Range and includes the ski resorts of St. Anton, Lech, Zürs, Stuben, and St. Christoph, although the ticket is valid at all of them. This forms one of the largest ski areas in the world accessible with one path, 86 lifts, 280km of runs, and a vertical of over 1500m of vertical.

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Helmet Cam in 18″ of Fresh Powder

Ever wondered what it’s like to ski through 18 inches of fresh new powder? That’s 45 cm of fresh snow!

Now you can experience skiing down that fresh, deep, powder just by sitting where you are thanks to this amateur ski movie maker wearing a helmet cam. Here you enjoy a 1st person view of what backcountry skiing really is!

This short ski video was filmed on some sweet terrain at Sun Valley Resort in Idaho on the Lookout Bowl. Sun Valley Resort is part of the Smoky Mountains of Idaho, which is party of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a huge ski area which is relatively unknown but get piles of snow every year.

No amazing ski tricks in this video, just some nice riding on a beautiful ski run full of new snow!

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Beautiful Backcountry Skiing at The Canyons Resort

Some awesome camera work in this backcountry skiing video filmed at The Canyons Resort in Utah. The Canyons is the largest of the three ski resorts located in Park City, Utah, the other two are Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort.

This is some of the best filming I’ve ever seen for an extreme skiing movie. There are some telemarkers in this video as well as some nice snowboarding off some cliffs that are just covered under a huge amount of snow. The terrain isn’t particularly hard and the skiers don’t do anything spectacular, but this is a great overview of what backcountry extreme skiing is for most of us. Loads and loads of champagne powder too. The skiers have a huge tail of powder snow behind them as the ski down the ski slopes.

Just can’t say it enough, the scenes in this video are amazing!

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Amazing Videos from Verbier Freeride Extreme 2006 Competition

This is some sick terrain out in the heart of the Swiss Alps, at the Verbier ski resort. There are lots of first person views giving you an idea of what it’s like to ski or snowboard down very steep backcountry slopes, that is 45 to 55 degree steeps. The skiers are really, doing some crazy ski tricks, including inversions, off the cliffs on this 500m vertical descent. There are even some well known pro freeride skiers such as Seb Michaud who does a massive backward loop off a cliff.

This extreme skiing video shows what freeriding and freeskiing is all about!

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